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In this day and age we can choose to be more connected than ever. Almost every successful company uses multiple social media pathways to steer business towards their company. Entrepreneurs have a strong presence along these pathways and are constantly attempting to find a niche in order to exercise their next best idea. One niche is being the middle man between a positive social presence and that of a negative one. Whether a company chooses to be involved or not, their business will soon have a reputation amongst Social Networks.
A social media management company is a low cost start-up company any entrepreneur with the right skills could excel at. Social media marketing is something that many companies simply don’t have the time, man power, or knowledge to compete at. Creating and maintaining business profiles on networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook Fan Pages are essential components to the world of online social media marketing. Using social media pathways allows a company to obtain more followers, send out updates, optimize search engine results, build a positive presence and most importantly get noticed.

Social Media Campaign Ideas

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Offer a gift card to your store to a randomly picked Facebook Fan every month. This builds your fan base and keeps them coming back every month.

Give a free service to the first 5 people who answer a question about your company on Twitter correctly. This gets people tweeting to you while they learn more about your company.

Poll your audience on pop culture facts, industry news, their daily life or habits. The polls that do not directly relate to your business tend to have some of the highest engagement rates. If you host these polls on your Facebook Fan page, LinkedIn profile or Blog you will benefit from the added attention it can bring.

Host a scavenger hunt. Hide a badge on your blog or website and give your social media audience hints for what they are trying to find. The first person that sends you an email with a correct guess will be featured in your next email newsletter. An even better idea would be to get together with a few of your partners and each hide something on your blog – the first person to get all of the items correct wins a prize. This would help you get in front of a much larger audience while still engaging your current one.

Start a photo, video or blog contest.Ask your audience to submit photos of them using your products, videos that relate to your industry or blogs that you could post as guest blogs. Pick the best submission then feature and promote it. The person’s item that you choose will show it off to their audience as well, helping you build your friends and followers.

Social media isn’t a one to many interaction like much of your traditional direct marketing, it is a many to many. Your audience freely takes your message, interprets it and passes it on. So make sure that you always have something for them to talk about.


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It’s that time of the year where all my friends are getting stoked for winter and being able to shred the local mountains. Whether they ski or snowboard, we all share the same passion for being outside and flying down the sides of snowy mountains atop our winter rides. If you haven’t already bought your winter ride, consider supporting one of your own. In today’s snowboard game, many pro riders have broken away from the grip of the corporate fist and exercised their own entrepreneurial adventures.


That being said let’s get specific. Snowboard brands such Nomis, StepChild, Signal, Bataleon, Smokin’, Unity, CAPiTA, and YES are all true rider owned companies. Focusing on a company like YES Snowboards for a minute. The company was founded by DCP, Romain De Marchi, JP Solberg and Tadashi Fuse who all got fired from their jobs at Burton Snowboards after some team shakeups. Not content to jump back into the sponsor game, the three decided to pool their cumulative expertise and notoriety and create what they are today. Unlike every other snowboard company out there YES doesn’t have a marketing department, it doesn’t have sales managers shouting, “sell more boards”, it doesn’t have shareholders shouting, “where are my dividends?”. It doesn’t have a big multinational company behind it shouting “increase profits”. What it does have is a true entrepreneurial idea behind it.

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I’ve really been catching up on my social networking skills. Extensive use of social networking platforms and lots of research and reading online.  I created a Twitter account for my personal branding class and started retweeting others blogs, and interesting comments on the industries.  I’ll promote the account to my readers and hope that a few become “followers.”  Only time will tell if this is a good tactic to grow a business.  In the meantime, I am well-versed on this new technology and up-to-speed on the language of Twitter!

If there are any entrepreneurs who have found Twitter to be especially helpful to their business, please share your experiences.  We all would like to know if these Twitter efforts are really worth our time.   After all, entrepreneurs can only wear so many hats in a 24-hour cycle.

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Siamak Taghaddos is setting out to inspire entrepreneurs to heal the economy and change the world, and this project above is a great inspirational video. Some background on the video goes as follows; Mr. Taghaddos is the CEO and co-founder of Grasshopper, a virtual phone service for freelancers and small businesses. Interestingly enough, Taghaddos is inspiring change within his own company as Grasshopper is the result of a re-branding Got-VMail; the company he initially co-founded in 2003. Along with the re-branding comes the desire to help inspire entrepreneurs to heal the economy and change the world, which appears to be the rallying cry for many entrepreneurs these days.

I hope you enjoyed the video, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

Weird Al

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Tonight’s blog dates back to middle school pop-culture for me. This afternoon as I was exiting the Keystone Ave off ramp here in Reno I noticed a Grand Sierra Resort billboard featuring Weird Al Yankovic performing live tomorrow night. I got to thinking about Weird Al and what his career must be like. I cracked a smile as I have always taken him as a complete joke. I recalled the fad of listening to Weird Al’s songs over ten years ago. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the artist known as Weird Al Yankovic, here’s a little background. Al has been in the game for 35+ years. He is a recording artist who performs humorous parodies everyone from Nirvana to Lady Gaga. The 52 year-old with long curly hair and clad with his trademark Hawaiian shirt still is a widely successful entrepreneur in his own right.

Critics and fans will both agree that Mr. Yankovic’s style of music is nothing short of “weird”.  The guy really doesn’t have much competition in his field. He’s found a niche in which he has excelled. While most can agree on his style it shouldn’t be argued that Weird Al Yankovic is an entrepreneur of the music industry. So after laughing him off for doing shows 35 years later in Reno, I say good for you Weird Al. You’ve elaborated on the success of others, acquired both fortune and fame, and for that I tip my hat to you.

Every morning at around 4am my phone alerts me that I have recieved an email. Most of the time I’m already aware that its the company Groupon with their daily deal. This morning as I had just gotten off work and out of the shower I saw the flashing red light on my phone. Both literally and figuritively a light bulb went off. I had the idea to wake up and blog about the company that is “Groupon”. I remember first hearing about Groupon last year and initially was extremely interested in this new form of coupons.

Groupon derived its name from the words “group” and “coupon”. It caters to an online audience with deep discounts on a product or service. The entrepreneurship idea behind it is the “Act Now” pitch. The consumer has only so many hours before the offer expires. That’s not so much new as the idea that you get the deal only if a certain number of fellow citizens buy the same thing on the same day. It’s a cents-off coupon married to a Friday-after-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy.

Personally, I have purchased a handful of Groupons. Some noteable purchases were 3 oil changes for $50 and a local favorite Awful Awful. I bought an $8 Awful Awful burger for $1. My good friend and I went to the nugget, enjoyed two huge burgers, over a pound of fries, a basket of bread, and two waters for a whopping $2. It’s really a win-win-win situation. The consumer gets a killer deal on the product or service they purchase. The vendor gets exposure, and while the revenue is not only discounted, but shared (typically 50/50) with Groupon, the vendor may scarcely break even. But now it has customers who might never have thought of patronizing the business. Groupon is doing something right by having over 13 million subscribers and being labeled “The Fastest Growing Company Ever” by Forbes Magazine. I highly recommend checking out and seeing if there is something that appeals to you.

Moreover, ironically I decided to blog about Groupon on a day in which their stock went up 40% from their initial public offering. Just thought I’d share.

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